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Session bass player with over 10 years of experience and studio recordings (rangin from Jazz, Rock, Pop, Latin).


He is a regular bassist in the house band at Ronnie Scott’s and performed internationally all over world (Tokyo Opera Hose, Nanning Folk Festival, Red Sea Jazz Festival, North sea Jazz Club, Jazz Fasching Stockholm, Moscow Jazz Club, Istanbul Jazz Centre, O2 Arena).


Artists collaborations include Hazel O Connor, Post Modern Juke Box’s singer Aubrey Logan, Lindsey Webster, Crystal Fighters, Polly Gibbons,

Crystal Fighters, Michon Young

Lindsey Webster - 'Fool Me Once'
Aubrey Logan - Understand
Lindsey Webster - 'Where Do You Want To Go'
Soviet Supreme
Lindsey Webster - 'I Know You Well'
Super db - Kool Funk (Official Video)





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